In the current climate we have particular expertise in dealing with clients who have been deeply affected as a result of property investments during the ‘boom’. Please consider if you fall into any of the following categories:

– Married couple who purchased either an apartment or starter home during the ‘boom’ and now feel trapped in negative equity.

– A couple who bought an apartment during the ‘boom’ and now feel trapped in negative equity yet want to marry or start a family, or move to a larger property.

– Friends who bought together during the ‘boom’ and now wish to move on in their own lives but feel trapped by the negative equity of this property.

– Couples who bought together but the relationship has now broken down and feel unable to resolve their personal circumstances due to the negative equity of the property.

– Single who bought property now in negative equity and has concerns about the situation.

– Anyone of the aforementioned categories and a person has lost their job and cannot make mortgage repayments and is nervous about dealing with a lending institution.

We will look at all of the situations and look at tailoring proposals to suit the individual needs for presentation to the lending institution in a realistic way.

The firm is deeply committed to looking at and engaging with all possibilities as a potential solution .

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