Fitzgerald & Company Solicitors, are very conveniently located in Dublin City Centre and provide a full range of legal services to businesses and private individuals throughout Ireland. We have the skills and expertise to deliver effective, practical and client-specific legal solutions.

As a general practice, all areas of law are covered and we have particular expertise within the commercial sector. In the current climate we are working very hard in debt restructuring and re-negotiation to help as many individuals as we can.

We are extremely dedicated to addressing the needs of you, your family and your business and to providing all of our clients with a progressive, accessible and highly efficient service in the transition from deeply challenging times to the promise that we hope the future holds. With this in mind, however, having experienced the consequences of the recession in both practice and the impact on our clients prudential behaviour will be the cornerstone of our advice without losing sight of the great merits of the entrepreneurial personally and seeking to find the right balance between the two.

Pauline still continues to work extensively in the Commercial and Commercial Property  area. She also hopes that she has made a contribution and continues to make a contribution in advising people who are still experiencing difficulties following the recent very serious challenges which the country faced. Pauline has focused on constructive ways to get affected people into sustainable positions now that recovery is in sight.

Pauline has also done some work for Charities and continues to do so. She is involved in an upcoming event in 2016 involving a Charity that has recently been set up to benefit suicide awareness and bereavement counselling following the same sex marriage referendum in 2015.

In the last number of years Pauline has diversified spending time on other projects such as the above but continues  to spend a large part of her time working in the area of Property and Commercial Property and providing expert opinion in relation to conveyancing and security matters generally.

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Pauline Fitzgerald

Pauline Fitzgerald is a Solicitor with 17 years experience in a number of areas. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin in 1992, Pauline went on to complete the entrance exams to the Law Society of Ireland. Pauline spent the following few years at the offices of Daniel Spring and Company under the very experienced Maresa Durcan and then went on to work for the current Director General of FLAC Noeline Blackwell. After two years with Noeline, Pauline went to work for Hussey and O’ Higgins Solicitors for a couple of years gaining a lot of experience in Commercial Litigation.

During this time Pauline completed a Higher Diploma in Property Tax followed immediately by a Higher Diploma in Commercial Law at the Law Society of Ireland. At that stage Pauline wished to broaden her experience into tax based commercial transactions and in November 2000 set up Fitzgerald and Company and worked very closely with Chapman Flood Mazars (now Mazars) at their offices until June 2003 when Pauline moved to Harcourt Street.

Pauline still continues to work extensively in the Commercial, Commercial Property and Property area and hopes that she has made a contribution in advising people throughout the difficult time of the last few years towards sustainability and recovery in the hope that the mistakes in the past will not be repeated.

David Fitzgerald

David Fitzgerald is a graduate of University College Dublin where he obtained a Bachelor of Civil Law Degree. David also holds a Diploma in Employment Law from the Law Society of Ireland. David has over ten years experience in areas such as Employment Law, Family Law, Probate, Property Transactions, Litigation and Intellectual Property Law.

After the difficulties faced by a number of individuals over the last number of years significant experience has been gained  in dealing with employers and employees in relation redundancy, unfair dismissals, and other Employment Law disputes.

Family Law matters have become very serious in the current climate, with many families unable to afford to resolve their family law problems due to the burden of family assets in negative equity. David has experience in dealing with Family Law matters such as Divorce and Separation incorporating the expertise within the practise in negotiating and restructuring property debts.

David advises in areas of Commercial Property transactions, the sale and purchase and development of commercial, mixed use and residential properties. David also works in litigious matters involving Personal Injury Actions, Professional Negligence Actions, Defamation and Commercial Litigation. David also advises in the area of Intellectual Property Law and in particular advising in relation to applications for European Trademarks and advising on any disputes or conflicts affecting such applications and existing Trademarks. We have developed significant experience over the last number of years working in the area Copyright, Patents and Passing off Actions to incorporate Employee/Employer IP disputes.